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Find Places to Study in Sydney

A world-leading city for Study and for Students. We can connect you with Sydney Student Services and help you get the best information before applying to study in Australia. We work with you to ensure you get everything you need, in place, before you need it.

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Australian Working Holiday Visa

Explore With Us offer practical guidance to those looking to come to Australia. To make it easy for you to review your eligibility for the Australian Working Holiday Visa, we have compiled a list of the essential requirements

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Work opportunity in Sydney

Find Sydney Jobs

If you are an international student looking for work or planning to work in Sydney while you visit, Explore With Us list a range of available jobs for foreigners and make it easy for you to upload your CV and search for the latest jobs in Sydney.

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Find Sydney Accommodation

When you plan on staying in Sydney for longer than a couple of days, traditional accommodation sites just don’t offer the value you need for a long-term visit. We can help you secure the best accommodation for a long-term stay and display affordable rooms and shared accommodation in and around Sydney.

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find events and deals in Sydney

Explore Sydney Events 

You can search our huge database of Sydney events by keyword or by date. If you are visiting Sydney and want to know what’s on, you can easily view what’s happening in Sydney on our website.

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Food in Sydney

Find Places to Eat in Sydney

If you are new to Sydney, knowing the best places to eat out is something that takes time. You can get the inside information right here and avoid making rookie mistakes when you visit Sydney for the first time. Find out where to eat your favorite cuisine, and where to eat in Sydney on a budget.

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Sydney transport

Explore Sydney Transport 

When you arrive here for the first time, whether you are backpacking in Sydney or are a student and needs to know the most affordable ways to get around; we can help. Sydney offers so many ways to get around, often knowing in advance the quickest and cheapest way to get around Sydney can make a real difference to your experience and your bank balance!

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Sydney cheap phone packages

Staying Connected

With so many internet and mobile phone providers, each offering something a little bit different, we help you work out the best company that offer phone plans and data packages with international calls included. We help students, and international visitors to Sydney get the best deal on calls and internet access.

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Sydney shopping

Banking Options in Sydney

We can help you find the best banks in Sydney and give you the information you need to make an informed choice about who to open a bank account with if you are an international student or visitor to Sydney.

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