So many people find it hard to find jobs in Australia. We have asked some advice from some industry experts for their tips about how to find work and pass through the interview process.

Below we will discuss about what makes a candidate stand out and how you should behave in an interview.

Here are the tips which will help you to pass through the interview process and get the job you want.


You should have courage and confidence.

It is one of the important factors to get the job you want. Courage will help you win the interview and taking the next step. For instance, when answering a question during the interview, you should never say I’m not sure, I don’t have or I’m not good because this is a thumb down. But, what you should say instead are I will do some more research on it, I will work hard to improve myself and get better at it. You should show confidence that you’re willing to learn and give your best to meet the company goals.

The truth is that some international students get nervous during the interview process because they are used to different cultural expectations and feel uncomfortable but, the recruiter wants to see you are confident in your abilities and able to fit in the team.

Know yourself

This sounds simple but, sometimes when the interviewer asks questions such as “What are you good at? What career do you want to take on in the future?” candidate starts talking out of subject and starts talking about a job not related. Think carefully and be sure of your real passion.


Writing a good CV

It is important to write on accomplishments about complicated tasks and how you manage to tackle them. Don’t just write “I’m hard working and a problem solver”. We have provided more information on how to write a good CV on a different blog.

Check out how to write a good CV.


Volunteering and networking.

Volunteering is a good way to get local experience. It will help you to connect with other people and open up more opportunities. For instance, probably one of the volunteers might know someone who is hiring and connect you to your next boss.


How you solve problems are more important than transcripts

You might have noticed, most of the employers won’t focus on many HD’s you have on your school report but, will focus more on problem solving. Providing solutions will make your boss love you more.

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