Being a student, you would love to save every penny that you have. A common issue most of the international students have to deal with is that they are unable to manage their budget. Students often do not like the food that is served in the café of their hostel. That is why they prefer to eat outside. While having lunch at different restaurants students do not pay attention to the price tag and end up with having no money. To help you out here we have the list of cheapest places to eat in Sydney.

Daniel San – Manly

We know that your belly is rumbling for food. In Manly, you will always get some special dishes that you would like to enjoy. Some of their best deals that are perfect for the students are

  • All you can eat dumplings for $24.95
  • Hot wings 1 KG for $15 on Thursday
  • 3 meals for $12
  • Monday bunday in which you will get the $3 bun and $10 burger

It means that you will get the perfect opportunity to have your favorite meals at the lowest possible rates. You will not find such special deals at any other place. Apart from that, the location is perfect and you can enjoy the DJ playing music when there are events or parties on the rooftop.

Canary – Sydney CBD

Most of the students prefer to have fast food because it is easy to manage and often cheap. However, MacDonald’s is not the only option that you have. There are many other restaurants that have the yummiest fast food available at the cheapest rate. Just visit CBD and you can have

  • Wood fried pizza starting from $10
  • Steak and chips for $10 to $12
  • Burger and chips for $12
  • With some of the meals, salads are included as well

The option of steak is the best because commonly steak is very expensive. Most of the non-veg students find it hard to enjoy the grilled meat. However, CBD has solved your problem.

Beach Burrito – Bondi

As the sun sets, the best place to grab a bite and eat a delicious meal is Bondi. The biggest attraction of the place is the remarkable ocean views. You will get the 35 beer bucket for 5 as well as 1-liter sangria bowls that are only for $20. If it sounds a little expensive you can enjoy several Mexican cuisines that are available at the most affordable rates. Here you can get

  • A tinnie and 2 tacos for $10
  • 4 taquitos for $10
  • Giant taco for $10 to $12
  • Nachos for $15

There are several drinks deals available as well that will allow you to have a complete dinner. It is a perfect place if you want to enjoy your dinner with friends. Assure that you order in bulk so you can eat more for less.

Make sure that you enjoy having the best meals at all these amazing places. You will surely get used to the place and you will not have to worry about your budget.

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