One of the best things about Sydney is the diverse range of cuisines on offer. The city is a hub of culture, and there are no shortages of great places to eat out on a budget.

The city of Sydney can take you on a culinary adventure and transport you to different places in an instant.

If you are visiting Sydney and want to know the best places to eat on a budget, Explore With Us can help you.

There are specific suburbs that are renowned for cuisine from a particular country or region. Please see below for a few tips on where to go to get the best food to suit your individual tastes.

  • Head to Five Dock or Leichardt for Italian Food

  • Head to Marrickville or Petersham for Vietnamese Food

  • Head to Strathfield and Ashfield for Chinese Food

  • Head to Harris Park or Parramatta for Indian Food

If you want to try some authentic Asian Street Food, then head to the heart of the city to China Town. Here, you can get some particularly great deals and amazingly tasty food for under $20.


A little further from the city, the Suns Burmese Kitchen in Blacktown serves up award-winning food for less than $10 per meal!

Have a look below for some inspiration on where you can eat in Sydney on a budget.

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