There have been some research made by Hays recruiting experts to identify the most demanding jobs in Australia. According to them, almost all the new jobs in the market require the knowledge and capabilities to utilize new emerging technologies and digital tends from new systems to robotics, 3D printing to data analytics.

“If you aren’t continuously upskilling in new technology relevant to your field, you’re behind the times,” says Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand.

Furthermore, according to the latest Hays Quarterly Report, the skills which are in demand in Australia include;

    1. Commercial Analysts and Senior Commercial Analysts with experience creating financial models and VBA programming.

    2. Accountancy professionals with IT programming skills who can contribute to system improvement and automation projects.

      1. Professional practice accountants with new technology and hybrid skills sets.

      2. Architects who can use a broad range of digital devices and tools, including GPS positioning, 3D printing and VR.

      3. Investment Analysts in the banking sector

    1. Customer service and Telesales call centre professionals with strong systems and technology skills.

    2. Technology-focused school teachers, particularly IT Integrators/Coordinators with both teaching and learning expertise.

    3. Electrical engineers with solar design expertise.

    1. 12d Designers with experience using this software.

    2. Instructional Designers who can innovate an organization’s e-learning

    3. Remunerations Analysts and HR Analysts who can provide accurate and responsive data to assist with forecasting and people plans.

    4. DevOps Engineers who can create agile production environments.

    5. UX/UI Designers who keep their knowledge of the way business engage with customers through online channels up-to-date in order to adopt or improve digital strategies.

    6. Mobile App Developers to diversify strategy across different platforms.

    1. Systems Engineers to focus on virtualization and Cloud based solutions.

    2. Logistics professionals with SAP systems knowledge.

    3. New Product Development Managers in manufacturing with technical nous.

    4. Data Analyst who can mine through massed of data for informative insight and trends.

    5. Digital contents producers who can undertake website maintenance and write content.

  1. Technical Business Analysts who can work on major system upgrades and implementations and possess SAP experience.

  2. Data Analysts and Economists in the Australian Public Service who can provide evidence-based proof of policies and evaluate the efficiency of programs.

  3. Purchasing Managers with inventory management experience and strong Enterprise resource planning software knowledge

  4. ICT procurement professionals with a background and experience in ICT.

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