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Australians love their coffee! And behind every great coffee is a great barista! Our Barista course is a great way for you to develop the necessary skills you will need in order to make great coffees. Learn in a fun, relaxed environment under the watchful eye of our experienced Barista trainers.

If you are wanting to start a career as a Barista or even looking at how to make the perfect coffee at home, this course is for you.

If organising a group booking or onsite training, we can facilitate the Barista course nationally.

Training Program

Our Barista course in Sydney gives you the necessary skills to prepare and serve espresso in restaurants, bars and cafes using commercial espresso machines. During this four (4) hour course, you will learn the art of being a Barista in a small group environment, meaning that you get a more personal training experience and more time to learn:

  • History and origins of Coffee
  • Grind management and dosing
  • The start-up and break down of a Coffee machine
  • Creating up to 12 different Coffee styles each
  • Perfect the art of texturing milk
  • Tasting and understanding the ranges and strengths of Coffee

See what happens in this Barista course through the Vimeo page.

The course takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Use Voucher Code EXPL618 when enrolling with TCP Training


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