Sydney is a cosmopolitan city that is surrounded by world heritage, iconic beaches, and famous wine regions. It is not only the largest city in Australia but also the most visited destination. There are several amazing attractions and sights to experience, do not forget to enjoy at the amazing Manly and Bondi beaches.

You will easily find out that why people love to visit Sydney and stay here for a few weeks. You might have known about the travel guide in which the best places and famous restaurants are included. However, today I am going to share the Sydney travel guide with you that will allow you to make the most of your vacation.

Make sure you have the Opal

Do not confuse it with the gemstone. Opal card is used for the integrated payment of the public transport system. The card can be used on different means of transportations like

  1. Trains
  2. Ferries
  3. Busses
  4. Trams

You can use the opal to travel to different places like the Blue Mountain or Bowral. Once you have the opal card assure that you tap on and off on the buses. Otherwise, you will have to pay the highest amount for your trips. There are daily and weekly charges in the opal cards that you can pay at the convenience stores or train stations.

Enjoy the ferries rides

There are many individuals in Sydney that prefer to take the ferries to reach their destination. It is one of the fastest and most affordable means of transport available in Sydney. You will often notice workers and students on the ferries. As a tourist, you can enjoy the scenic views on the ferry. It will quickly take you from one Sydney port to another port.

Enjoy your breakfast any time of the day

In Australia, people pay special attention to their breakfast. They know that breakfast is the most important meals of the day and they will not miss it whether it is 8 am or 2 pm. There are many cafes that serve breakfast all day. Even those that have switched to the lunch menu will serve a few breakfast items that customers love to enjoy.

With so many great things to see and do In Sydney, knowing all the available options is one thing, choosing the best things to see and do is another ball game altogether. At Explore With Us, we love to help students and tourists alike to get acquainted with the area quickly and easily.

Visit Sydney Opera House

A truly magnetic experience and one which will stay with you for a lifetime. You cannot visit Sydney without getting a glimpse of this iconic building and experiencing some of the art and culture that Sydney is well known for. Over 1600 different performances take please here annually, and it is truly the core of the culture here.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

This is another landmark that visitors flock to at all times of the year. The architecture of this structure is simply phenomenal; you don’t even need to know about architecture or stricture to be impressed by the magnitude of the bridge.

The Sydney Aquarium and Taronga Zoo are both superb days out and great places to explore on your own or with friends. Another place which is hugely popular and with good reason is known quite simply as ‘The Rocks’. This was once home to the Galigal Aboriginal People and later became the first settlement for Europeans. The Rocks Discovery Museum is both impressive and educational, and for those with curious minds who are keen to learn about the countries heritage, this is a great place to visit.

Sydney by the Water

Circular Quay is now home to the main city’s ferry terminal. Boasting five huge wharves. Here you will be able to find and take ferries to a number of desirable locations in Sydney such as Taronga Park Zoo, Watson’s Bay, and Manly. There are also a number of private boats such as Captain Cook Cruises and the Manly Fast Ferry that depart from here as well. Don’t worry about getting lost; everything is really clearly signposted when you arrive.

In total, there are nine routes and almost 40 wharves.  Darling Harbour is also a huge draw for tourists and international visitors to Sydney. Boasting a quintessentially luxurious waterfront; here you will find an extensive range of shops, restaurants, and notable museums such as the Australian National Museum, the Powerhouse Museum, and the famous Madame Taussaud’s. If you plan to visit Darling Harbour, then Sydney Zoo is also situated here, offering an exceptional day out and something that people of all nationalities can enjoy with ease. There is also the world-renowned Chinese Garden of Friendship.

The Queen Victoria Building is another popular place to go, and many admire its Romanesque style, enjoying the many underground arcades with Town Hall station. If you want to see the tallest building in Sydney, then head over to the Sydney Tower, it is one of the greatest landmarks in Sydney and offers exceptional vistas across the city.   For more information about Sydney Tower, please visit Sydney Tower Eye.

Arts and Culture

The Art Gallery is one of the few landmark locations where you can get free admission. It is a stunning celebration of amazing aboriginal art, with Asian Art and works from the European Masters on display for all to see.  There are so many galleries, museums, theatres and special events that all celebrate the vibrant and diverse Sydney culture.

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