For anyone who is aged between 18-31 and who holds a passport from an eligible country, obtaining an Australian Working Holiday Visa is a great way to both work and travel in this amazing country for a year.

The Working Holiday Visa in Australia is extremely popular with backpackers, travellers, and adventurists alike, as it gives individuals the freedom to explore everything Australia has to offer, while also permitting you to work or study while you in the county.

While some people will pick a single location in Australia to spend their year, others will travel around the country and explore everything that is on offer. Regardless of which way you choose to spend your time, you will find that Australians are very welcoming which further adds to the appeal of getting approved for a Working Holiday Visa.

Requirements for the Australian Working Holiday Visa

Explore With Us offer practical guidance to those looking to come to Australia. To make it easy for you to review your eligibility for the Australian Working Holiday Visa, we have compiled a list of the essential requirements.

You will need to hold a valid passport from one of the eligible countries.

Family Status
You will not be permitted to travel with any dependent children.

When you apply for the Australian Working Holiday Visa, you need to be physically located outside of the country when the visa is granted. The only instance where this will not apply is if you are applying for a second Working Holiday Visa.

If you are applying for a Working Holiday Visa for Australia, you need to be between 18-31.

Financial Status
You will need to have enough money to support yourself while spending time in Australia. This is typically represented as having 5,000 AUD. You will also need to prove that you have funds to pay for your return or onward journey.

Medical Condition
You will need to meet with the health requirements before a Working Holiday Visa is granted. It is also recommended that you have a health insurance policy that will cover you during your time in Australia. If you are taking out a new policy, it can help to expedite the application process if you take out health insurance with an Australian provider.

While Explore With Us make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the data we publish, requirements might be subject to change. As such, it is always important to check the most up to date requirements for the Australian Working Holiday Visa directly on the Dept of Immigration and Border Protection website.

If for any reason, you do not meet the current criteria, the Australia student visa might be a more suitable option. At Explore With Us, we are here to help. If you have any questions or need advice, please get in touch with us directly.

List of Eligible Countries for the Australian Working Holiday Visa.

There are currently 19 different countries that are listed as eligible to apply for the Australian Working Holiday Visa.

• Belgium
• Denmark
• Germany
• Estonia
• France
• Italy
• Malta
• Sweden
• Canada
• Norway
• The Republic of Cyprus
• Finland
• Hong Kong
• United Kingdom
• The Republic of Korea
• Taiwan
• Japan
• The Republic of Ireland
• The Netherlands

If your country is not listed above, there are still other options available to help you travel or study in Australia. The Student Visa and the Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 462) are two other frequently used options.

Applying for the Second Year Australia Working Holiday Visa

Once you have had your first Australian Working Holiday Visa approved and have spent some time here, you might be able to extend your visa for an additional year. There are further eligibility requirements for the second year Australia Working Holiday Visa that you need to review.
• You will need to be aged between 18-30.
• You will need to be physically located in Australia when the Visa is approved if you are making your application onshore.
• You will need to be physically located outside of Australia when the Visa is approved if you are making your application offshore.
• You will need to have completed paid work within a primary sector for at least 88 days within your first initial year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does the Working Holiday Visa Cost?
If you want to make an application for this visa, the cost of doing so on the official Government website is $440.

How Do You Apply for the Australian Working Holiday Visa?
There are a number of ways to apply for a Working Holiday Visa. The quickest way to submit an application is online. Although, you can also apply by post.
If you want to know what documents are required for the Australia Working Holiday Visa application, you can visit the government website and get a downloadable PDF that outlines all of this and more.

How Long Does It Take to Get Decision?
There is a range of factors that can impact the time it takes to get a decision about your Working Holiday Visa application. Typically, as long as you have completed your application correctly and have supplied all of the requested supporting documentation, the grant application notice can take anything between 2-6 weeks. In some instances, where there is information such as medical or criminal data that needs to be verified, this can prolong the time it takes to approve the application to 8-10 weeks.

How Quickly Can I Enter Australia Once A Working Holiday Visa is Approved?
Once your Visa is approved, you then have up to a year to enter Australia. During the 12-month period of validity, you are allowed to leave and return as many times as you like.

What Are the Specific Work Conditions of the Australia Working Holiday Visa?
You are able to do any type of work on a casual, part or full-time basis. However, you are not permitted to be employed by the same employer for longer than a 6-month tenure.
An alternative route for those who want a different type of working allowance is the Australia Student Visa. This allows you to work for up to 40 hours every two weeks and can last for several years.

What Are the Specific Study Conditions of the Australia Working Holiday Visa?
If you are granted approval for a Working Holiday Visa, you can study for a maximum of four months in a 12-month period.

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