When you visit Sydney for the first time or if you come to Sydney to study, knowing the quickest and most cost-effective way to get around can make a real difference. Having advance information about what to expect, and what to do can save you time and money.

At the Airport

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Public Transportation in Sydney

If you are visiting Sydney and want to know more about the public transport system, there are many different options available. From trains to buses, ferries, and light rails.

We couldn’t list all the routes here. However, a great website to visit for up to date times and routes is NSW Transport.

The Opal Travel Card

The public transport in Sydney uses one card that allows you to access all forms of transport. This is called the OPAL Card and is one thing you really do need to know about before you travel to Sydney.

Opal Card – Where to Buy

You can purchase an Opal card from a number of places, all convenient and all at the same cost.

  • Airport

  • Central and Other Railway Stations

  • Many Retailers around the City

  • Online before you travel

If you decided to order your Opal card before you travel to Sydney, you need to allow at least two weeks for delivery if you live in Australia and more if you live overseas.

Using an Opal card in Sydney is easy. You can top it up in a variety of amounts ranging between $10-$120. You can use your Opal card for all modes of public transport in Sydney (Ferry, Bus, Light Rail, and Train.

It does not cover the hop-on-hop-off tourist buses.

Opal Card Pricing

There is a daily limit of $15 per day and $60 per week. This is a welcome relief for many who use public transport to get around in Sydney. It is a far cheaper way to get around than buying individual tickets. You can also travel on more than one route under the same fare as long as you transfer within an hour of first tapping your card on a reader. This time is extended to 2 hours if you use the Manly Ferry. If you move between the different modes of transport as part of the same route, this will cost more. However, it is still cheaper than buying single tickets.

If you are traveling with a child under the age of four, then travel is free. From the age of 16, the adult fare is applicable.

How to Choose the Right Opal Card

In total, there are four different types of Opal Cards.

  • Silver is for job seekers and eligible tertiary students

  • Green is for children between the ages of 4-15

  • Black is for adults aged 16+

  • Gold is for seniors

If you are a student coming to Sydney, then please be aware that you can only purchase a Black or Green Opal card from retails, Kiosks, and machines for use immediately.

Taxi Companies in Sydney

As you would expect with any major city, there are many taxi companies available to help transport you around the city with ease.

If you are looking for convenience, then you might want to choose a taxi company that uses an app. There is a list of these taxi apps available on the NSW TAXI website here.

There is a range of taxi services and vehicles to choose from that range from a regular taxi right through to premium cab, including options for disables passengers as well.

It goes without saying, if you are planning to visit Sydney or any other new place for that matter, you need to download the Uber App.

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