Useful tips when going through

You succeeded in getting a job interview very well done. I will share with you some tips which will help you go through the next step which is getting the job. It is that you must show up to the interview well prepared and show confidence in every question that the interviewer throws at you. Additionally, during a phone interview, be sure to be very clear and concise with your answers, practice before the job interview with a friend or relative to make you feel more confident. One useful tip I would recommend to you is to ask the interviewer how you can improve yourself this will help you to know your weaknesses and if you do not get through with the first interview you can always work on your weaknesses for the next interview.

What to expect during the interview

Below are some topics interviewers normally go through with you;

Behavioral questions for example;

Describe a time when you showed initiative in the workplace?

For this question you should refer to your past experiences to demonstrate a time where you have behaved in a certain way. Your answer will give the interviewer an idea of how you will act when a similar situation arises in the job you are applying for. Be honest because interviewers can easily identify when a candidate is being false.

Situation questions for example;

How would you manage a large workload with the same deadlines?

The interviewer wants to know how you would deal with a particular issue in the future. He /She wants to see your reaction as it is normally required in a  common sense. I would advise you to make your answer relevant so that the employer feels your answer would benefit the company.

About competency/ability example;

What are your strong points?

When the interviewer asks you this question be honest and avoid bragging. Give at least three of your strong points and how they have benefited the previous company you were working at before. Again make sure to relate to the work criteria and how it would benefit the company.

Communication example;

How do you think your colleague would describe you?

Interviewers and employers normally want to know how you work in a team for example are you a team player and show that you can support the team to meet goals and objectives. Focus on your answer and use examples where you have helped your team or a colleague in particular situation.

The exciting part Salary example;

What are your salary expectations?

Sometime answering this question can be difficult and I would recommend you to do some research and know how much you’re worth. If you’re happy of your previous salary you can stay with the same base or you can express your willingness to negotiate. You can also expect any offers if the job is more important than money for example if you don’t have much experience. 

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