Why is it hard to find jobs in Australia?

Don’t worry you are not the only one. Many migrants may tell you their personal experience that finding a job in Australia is rather challenging. Especially for young people from a culturally diverse background. You just need to be patient and keep applying. Make sure your resume is clear and easy to understand.


However, the reasons for not getting a job are;

Your particular skill set is not in demand. If you go through the department’s skilled occupations list for sponsorship you will see how many people with the same skills are unemployed. Let’s be honest, some companies don’t hire people without work experiences. But most employers say attitude is important in hiring people because anyone with a good attitude can easily pick up new skills and integrate with the team.


Many people dream to come to a new country to reinvent themselves and try a different job. Somehow this plays against them and they end up finding it hard to get a job.


Most companies will ask you for local experiences. You will think that you will need some local experience and try to find a casual job just to have local experiences.


Employers cannot understand you when they speak with you on the phone.


One of the reasons why you don’t go through for the next interview is the different ways you deal with people, so the employer thinks working with you will be difficult.

When going through interviews some candidates are not confident enough in their skills.


You have been unemployed for a long time and your finding it hard to get back.


Many people think that after submitting their resume online, that the system favors local applicants with experience but the truth is that even the Australian people struggle to find a job themselves. The advice I can give is to keep applying and never give up.

Sources: interviewiq.com.au 

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